Hey everyone?

This is David Chua, author of Raving Fan Customers, business owner, and also speaker and entrepreneur.

What I wanna share with you in this video is what I call the three foundational ways to build any brand.

These are the three things that usually leave an impression in your customer or your clients minds.

What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna quickly show you what these three elements are, and I’m gonna show you at the end of this video how you can apply it to you and your business.

The first one is, I wanna show you this.

The first key, before I review this, the first key to building any brand is that you want to think about what’s the impression that you leave.

Because building a brand is all about experience.

When you think about Apple, it’s an experience.

These are the three what I would call foundational pillars to building any successful brand.

If you look at Apple, if you look at the biggest brands like Coca Cola or Dell, or for example…

All these customers they usually have these three elements in place.

I want you to think as I teach you the first and the second and the third foundations and the pillars, I want you to also think how you can apply to your business and where you are lacking, okay?

Now let me review the first one, the first one to building a successful brand is all about perception.


Before you even engage your client, what’s the perceived perception for you and your business.

Perception comes in many ways, it can be credibility, it can be recognition for your business or your product or service, it can be reviews, it can be what the rumors and what the marketplace is hearing about you.

This is the first thing it’s all about perception.

Before you even engage your client they already have this perception of you in their mind.

What is that perception?

Is it positive or is it negative, is it neutral?

If it is neutral how you can turn it into a positive,

If it is negative then you gotta work on that perception.

For example, some people when you just mention their name you have a certain perception into it especially multi-level marketing for example.

If you think about multi-level marketing you will usually think about Amway for example, and even though sometimes it’s a great company, but the thing is there’s a negative perception towards these companies.

If you are building a brand or a business, what’s the perception you have in your customers’ minds.

That’s the first key thing.

The second thing, another perception is called Product.

Once they have a perceived idea of you and your product or service, what happens is they’ll think it’s okay then they’ll look at your product.

What’s your product like?

Is your product good quality?

Is your product neutral?

Is it something that is justifiable for the price you are charging?

There are a lot of people that charge very expensive pricing for very mediocre products, and there are also people who are under charging very good quality products at very low pricing and that’s hurting their business.

Also what you need to know is that whatever you do it has to match with what your market wants and what your market needs.

It also has to match with your perception.

If you wanna sell something at a premium pricing, it needs to have a product with high quality that justifies the premium pricing because it also affects to your brand.

The reason why I use these two is because take a look at Apple, the perception of Apple is they’re very well designed, they’re very good quality, and what happens is that you already have this perception that a lot of people like Apple and it’s good.

That may not always be the case but it’s good.

The product, when you get your hands on an Apple product what happens is that when you look at an Apple product you see the phone, you touch the phone, you feel the quality of the product, you feel the work that has gone into the product and then you realize that actually this is worth whatever the price it is for, okay?

This is the last one on building a successful brand is what I call People.


People are the key to successful businesses.

The people that service your clients, the people that get in touch with your clients, the people that answer the phone, the people that open the door to your shop.

These people, what they do is they define a brand.

If you look at Apple, the perception of Apple, positive.

Because they have Apple products.

The product is superb, superb.

The people.

have you ever run into Apple store, not a re-seller store but an official Apple store?

I remember I was in Australia once and I went into an official Apple store.

What happened was even though it was jam-packed, crowded, I ran into the door and someone opened the door for me and just asked okay, “Hi, sir, how can I help you, what’s your problem today?”

Then I told them my problem.

I broke my MacBook and I had to had it fixed.

And within five minutes, I had one guy behind the genius bar which is basically technicians that fix your laptops.

And within five minutes, he took my laptop and he’d gone through my laptop, shown me the problem, backed up all my files, and after that I got my MacBook.

I got a replacement MacBook with all my data in it because what happens is my MacBook broke and I lost all my hardware but the engagement of walking into that Apple store, it turned me from a client into a raving fan.

Right now if you can see my MacBook is Apple, my phones are by Apple, if I want to use any tablet I’ll get an Apple because they have built these three foundations.

The perception is positive, the product is superb, and the people are extra ordinary because they care.

If you notice there’s a theme around this, it’s all about experience.

Building a brand actually is not about just perception, product, or people, the key thing here is about experience.

How can you make a superb experience for your customer?

From getting the product into their hands, from meeting you the first time, from seeing you even on social media.

How can you engage them in a way that it gives them a wholesome and unique experience?

This is the three foundational pillars of building a powerful brand.

Now I want you to take a look at your business, your product, your service, and look at these three areas.

How can you apply any of these three areas or where you’re lacking at on building a successful brand for your business?

I really look forward to hearing your lessons and your learnings, and where are you lacking at, and how can you apply in the comments below.

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